Finding the right fit.

There are 3 steps in the admission process to ensure that we fully understand and can provide for your personal, social and healthcare needs.

Step 1 starts when you think that you may wish to come to live or stay with us. We will sit down with you to carry out a broad assessment of your needs and wishes. It is important for you to know that we can provide what you need and want in a way that suits you – and for us to know that we can meet your needs.

Step 2 happens when we both decide that you will come to stay with us, long or short term. On admission, a staff member will undertake an assessment of your specific needs, including any risk-related safety needs. Special needs, or for example, preferences you may have for meals and mealtimes form part of the process. From this assessment, in which you will be fully involved, your Personal Care Plan will be developed and agreed with you.

Step 3 follows over the next seven or so days. We will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your needs and preferences so that your personal care plan can be further developed and made more specific to you – always in agreement with you.

It doesn’t end there. Assessment and care planning are continuing throughout and as we get to know each other better in the following weeks and months. Your Personal Care Plan will be continuously updated with a formal review every three months.

We encourage your full involvement in care planning and review. We will also facilitate the involvement of your family if you so wish.